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What is HTA ?

Sağlık Teknolojisi Değerlendirme (STD) / Health Technology Assesment (HTA),
It is examining and interpreting technologies used in health care with various aspects. Even this assessment have been undertaken in order to give direction to the decision-making mechanisms actually it is intended to inform all parties concerned with these technologies.
In the definition of the health Technologies;
  1. Drugs,
  2. Medical devices,
  3. Medical treatment procedures,
  4. Surgical Techniques,
  5. Health care systems,
and similar practices are included.

The assessment of health technology is primarily performed in terms of clinical efficacy and patient safety; then it is concluded with a report assessing the social and ethical aspects with the economic and institutional aspects. All phases of the assessment are based on the scientific evidence however patients, health professionals and health technology assessment manufacturers contribute to the process and transparency is one of the basic principles of in this process.

Date : 12.07.2013

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